Stem Cell Face Lift:The New Cosmetic Surgery Option

Everyone likes to look their best and as we age we are often surprised that we don’t recognize our own reflection in the mirror. The skin is not as tight as it once was and smile lines and wrinkles seem to appear over night. These changes can be unsettling for a large part of the population, with some even becoming depressed or feeling self conscious of their aging body. Many people seek out a face lift, looking to embrace a more youthful look.

People have been getting face lifts for many years and in recent years they have become very high tech and as effective as possible while still achieving realistic results. Yet, many people who wish to look younger are afraid of the side effects, the pain or the results of these face lifts. Any time you “go under the knife” there is a lot of risk and you are relying on the skills of a surgeon that you can only hope understands what you want to look like after.

Because of the many risks associated with traditional face lift, many people are looking at a stem cell face lift, instead. This is a safer option for many because they don’t need to worry about the fillers and the like that are being injected into their own skin. Rather, when a stem cell facelift is done the fat will be take out of one part of the body and then prepared and put into the face, specifically the areas that the patient wishes to improve.

This works because body fat has been shown to have plenty of stem cells to work with. The fat that is withdrawn from the body will be treated with an agent that will ensure that the “transplanted” fat will take to the area and will not leak into unwanted areas. By using the fat and stem cells of the patients own body, the procedure also ensures that the transplanted stem cells will not be rejected by the body, causing a painful allergic reaction.

There are some great benefits to the stem cell face lift. These benefits include but are not limited to:

  • Natural results
  • Less down time
  • Much less pain
  • No incisions or scars
  • Less fat in the areas where fat was removed
  • No allergic reaction

For these reasons, the stem cell face lift is becoming more and more popular all around the globe. The popularity and requests that are coming from men and women from all walks of life have plastic surgeons going out in large numbers to become certified to perform this type of procedure. In addition to all of the benefits listed above, many patients prefer the stem cell face lift because it is also cost effective.

With ever improving technology, the stem cell face lift is sure to become even more refined. There is no need for those who are aging now or in the future, to dislike what they see in the mirror. Instead of aged, down or less than attractive people can use their own bodily fat to get back a piece of their youth.

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